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German Meds is a leading force in the world of health and nutrition, an esteemed pharmaceutical company, devoted to maximizing quality of life through science. We combine the agility of biotech with extensive research in health and nutrition, powered by talented individuals to drive scientific innovation in the direction of good health.  

By leveraging our research culture of curiosity, determination, and unconventional thinking-We strive to create Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that could impact the world, thanks to the global integration of our research and development institutes in Germany.  

Our Values


We strive for honesty, transparency, trust, respect, and dependability in everything we do. 


We imbibe excellence at the heart of everything we do- and drive long-term value.


We steer years of knowledge into innovation to add value to our partners. 


We believe that taking ownership and acting with commitment will lead to long-term success. 


We believe that connecting people and working in groups are critical to achieving ambitious growth goals. 

Our Story

Germanmeds is a UAE based Marketing and distribution company, 2021 in Dubai  who understand, discover, and manufacture products with our own blend of innovation in them.  Our strong team of experienced Pharma professionals and strong partnerships globally empower us to push the boundaries of creating innovative advancements in healthcare. With presence in UAE, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia we’re keen on taking an untraveled path, pursuing fresh ideas within a collaborative, accommodating environment. We’ve participated in CPHI-biggest pharma conference conducted by Germany and are in lines of participating in conferences such as DUPHAT, Arab Health etc. Our strength lies in Marketing intelligence, marketing sales and distribution, having a central warehouse and our expansion as an international business quite quickly.  

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At the center of all we do lies a commitment to your wellbeing. Our science offers you careful, innovative
advancements in healthcare that are designed with you and your health at heart.




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