A Pursuit to Healthcare Innovation

GERMANMED is a leading manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of high-quality pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical supplies products globally. Our innovative and differentiated medicines address today’s medical needs and impact people’s lives. With a growing global reach and presence in all major therapeutic areas, we have a competitive advantage in the domestic market. Our unique portfolio spans a broad spectrum of products across pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in both human and veterinary medicine. At GERMANMED, we always strive to benchmark industry standards in manufacturing, marketing and distribution and provide exceptional customer service and benefits.

Our Mission

To grow as a global player in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. We believe that continual improvement in processes translates into success and benefits our team, customers, and communities.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading research-intensive biopharmaceutical company. We bring together innovative minds to turn world-class science into groundbreaking medicines that drive a significant impact on people’s lives.

Research and Scientific Discovery

When it comes to research and development, our goal is to discover and deliver innovative medicines that improve people’s lives all over the world. We advance medical science and understanding by learning more about diseases, biology, and chemistry, bringing new solutions one step closer to reality.

Since our inception, we’ve strived to contribute our value and knowledge to solve challenging health-care issues known to man, including diabetes, heart disease, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, cancer, and others. And into the future, we’re committed to pursuing other science-led opportunities outside of our four core therapeutic areas in order to stay ahead of disease.

Quality - The cornerstone of our business

Germanmed has extensive quality systems in place to ensure that we meet the high standards that we set for ourselves as a company as well as those that are expected of us externally.

These standards also protect our license to operate at a high quality level throughout our entire supply chain. Our continuous review of these standards allows us to keep up with the changing nature of external regulations, new scientific understandings and compliance of our existing products and processes. We are developing and sustaining a strong quality culture by continuously developing, training, and empowering our employees. We believe that producing a safe, high-quality product is everyone’s responsibility.

Powering Pharmaceutical innovation- today and into the future

We have a  long history of keeping ahead-of-the-curve, setting the standard for pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical innovation. With a long line of research down the years and our well formulated products, we’re always trying to be on the edge of innovation to treat more than just disease- but creating a path to good health. As the world evolves so does Germanmed’s commitment:  to innovate alongside research – and to be one of the catalysts to  quality health.